Tucked away between some of Sydney’s most renowned neighbourhoods, Edgecliff is a well-connected prime located business and residential centre. It boasts an enviable position, with access to the harbour bays that line Sydney Harbour to one side and well-heeled shopping to the other, all within minutes of Sydney central business district.

Edgecliff shopping centre offers major supermarkets, medical services, banks and boutique fresh food and health food stores. Fitness studios, lighting specialists and restaurants line the street opposite the Centre.


The Edgecliff train station and bus exchange make it a commuter hub. Its proximity to the city, surrounding suburbs and the harbour means its draws professional 20- and 30-somethings to the neighbourhood. Mature independents lay claim to the beautiful heritage and contemporary homes that line the leafy streets that flow up the hill into Woollahra.


Edgecliff Shopping Complex
Edgecliff Station
Trumper Park Oval
Trumper Park
Urban Art
Edgecliff Eastpoint Bus