1. The Sydney East Business Chamber (the ‘Chamber’) owns the Double Bay Street Festival (Festival) and reserves the right to reject any stallholder application considered inappropriate or not fitting the Festival’s concept and brand.

  2. You must email an image of your products to be sold to [email protected] and the Chamber reserves the right to refuse your application.

  3. If your application is accepted, you will be advised in writing. Payment must be received in support of your approval. Site costs are not refundable for any reason other than that your stall is considered inappropriate.

  4. All stall holders must have their own Public liability and Product Insurance covering their participation, products and activities at the Festival for a minimum of $20 million. You must provide a copy of your current policy with your booking form.

  5. Standard stall sites measure 3 x 3 m metres in total, and covered stalls where ordered measure 2.4m x 2.4 m within that site. Stall holders must conduct their business within the confines of their allocated area.

  6. Power can only be supplied by the stallholder themselves. You must advise the Chamber if you are bringing your own generator. Your power leads, be extension cords or attached to an appliance or machine, must have been tested and tagged with a current date by an accredited electrician otherwise the electrician appointed by the Chamber will close you down until rectified. No power leads are to run in the gutter and must comply with OHS and be out of way of foot traffic.

  7. Covered stalls supplied by Festival are not waterproof – it is your responsibility to ensure that any product is protected.

  8. Stall holders must not alter their merchandise or product as described on the application form and in images you have sent without prior permission from the Chamber. You may be evicted from the event if your products differ from the description in your application.

  9. Dangerous or harmful merchandise is banned (including silly string, toy guns & throw downs). Any stall holder not complying with this condition will be removed from Festival.

  10. Food stalls must comply with the provisions and regulations of the current Local, State and Federal Food Acts.

  11. Stall holders are liable for any damage to any property owned by Woollahra Council, participants and visitors to the Festival.

  12. Stall holders must not drive any posts or poles into the ground, grass, footpaths or roads.

  13. Waste water, rubbish and food waste are to be removed from the site by the stall holder. Stall holders are responsible for removing all materials from their site and leaving it tidy and clean. An appropriate fee will be levied by the Chamber or Council if you fail to comply.

  14. Stall holders must set up their site within the times allocated to them by the Chamber  – stall holders may not bring either their own vehicles or delivery vehicles to their site other than in the designated bump in and bump out times. The Festival is open to the public between 10am - 4pm.

  15. Under no conditions will a stall holder be allowed to set up if stall holder fees have not been paid in full.

  16. The Festival is an all-weather event, and will proceed in all weather conditions. There will be no refunds in the case of inclement weather.

  17. Stall holders agree to comply with any reasonable request by the Chamber.

  18. Stall holders have a responsibility under the current Work Health & Safety Law and its regulations to ensure the health, safety and well being of all they come into contact with at the Festival.