Advocacy Areas

Great Place

  • We are committed to making our villages, parks, and public spaces great places.

  • Places where you can walk, sit, and connect with friends and family and enjoy the heritage and history of our community.

  • We have worked to enhance the streetscape with trees and flowers, improved footway cleaning and made outdoor dining more accessible.

  • We have engaged the community to shape lighting, seating projects as well park upgrades and public domain improvements. 

  • Our safe-smart-share program brings business and residents together on making places accessible to all.

Better Transport

  • Getting to work, picking up the kids from school, going shopping, visiting family and friends - how we get around our community matters.

  • Whether you are one of the 60,000 residents or 10,000 local businesses getting from A to B can, at times, be a challenge.

  • We are committed to making it easier to walk, cycle, catch a ferry, train or bus, use ride share or driving your car.

Improved Parking

  • For those who use their car finding a place to park can at times be limiting. Parking can also impact local business and local jobs. This is why we have actively campaigned to introduce 15 minute free parking in Double Bay village, worked to have taxi ranks and parking spaces relocated and negotiated car parking outcomes when construction works are being undertaken.

Managing Waste

  • Managing waste means both reducing the amount and type of waste and disposing of waste efficiently and effectively.

  • We have worked to reduce unsightly waste in our streets and laneways, rescheduled waste pick ups to reduce noise impacts and facilitated clean-up of our villages after floods and major events.



  • Recycling, reuse, and having access to reliable affordable energy are critical factors for businesses.

  • We encourage all businesses to adopt recycling practices.

  • Through our membership of the NSW Business Chamber we advocate for greater energy efficiency measure and reduced energy costs.


Online Connectivity

  • Whether you are a bricks and mortar or online business access to high speed internet is critical.

  • Through our membership of the NSW Business Chamber we advocate for greater access, reliability and speed of online connectivity.


Visitor Attraction

  • Attracting local, interstate and international visitors to our district create business, jobs and add to community life.

  • Year round we conduct local events across the district that showcase our places, businesses and activate public spaces.

  • We conduct marketing and promotions to support our events and business offers.

Business growth

  • Whether you are a established business, a start-up or work from home you need to keep up with your competitors.

  • We provide forums and access to experts to build business knowledge and advocate on issues including taxation and removing red tape.

  • From better marketing, being innovative and using technology to leadership, enhancing your media profile and developing a business plan we support businesses, so they can thrive.


Great Place

Village Aesthetics - night lights, trees, seats, planter boxes, clean footpaths, rubbish removal

Better Transportt

How we move around and get access to all transport modes - driving vs walking vs bike vs public transport 


Improved Parking

Parking to access your
business and workplace
are key ingredients to the growth of our community

Managing Waste

SEBC work closely with council and private operators to make sure waste rubbish is removed and sustainably managed


A broad area of advocacy that covers asset management, waste and rubbish, recycling, energy and consumption.


Online Connectivity

Wireless is part of smart cities. Intelligent environments  designed for future connectivity and community mobility. 

Visitor Attraction

Sydney East is a key tourism destination of Sydney and we partner with NSW Tourism and a variety of local district tourism operators.

Business Growth

Business forums, tools, education and advice on taxation, WH&S, marketing, legal and HR. We also target the reduction in "red tape".